Dubai Olympics Bid Backed by Sports Fans

Residents of the UAE would give their support to Dubai should the emirate attempt to make a bid for hosting the 2024 Olympic Games. Last month, the National Olympic Committee for the UAE said it was readying a big for the Olympics, as soon as the government of Dubai gives them the go ahead. Sports fans in the UAE and throughout the region are in support of such a bid.

A survey of people throughout North Africa and the Middle East asked over 2,050 people if they would support a Dubai bid. More than 72% of those who responded said yes, with 75% of the total respondents residing in the UAE. Seventy-eight percent of those who responded also said they felt Dubai had sufficient infrastructure to host an Olympics. Surveyors were surprised at the amount of support from the Middle East.

One obvious obstacle for the UAE to host the Olympics is the searing temperatures during the summer, but supporters added that everything was possible in Dubai as anything can happen since it is Dubai.

Residents in UAE felt that an Olympic Games held in Dubai would have to take place at a time of the year that was cooler than summer. Tom Woolf a fitness expert based in Dubai said that if dressage horses or marathon runners compete in such hot temperatures it would not be safe, but did say if the UAE were successful it would change the face of sports in the region.

Woolf said funding for all sports would increase if the bid were awarded. He added that if the bid were awarded then it would be a great incentive for children between 8 and 12 years of age to start practicing a sport in hope of having a chance to be on the podium in 12 years.

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