Earthquake Kills Dozens in Southern Iran

A powerful earthquake registering 7.8 magnitude struck Iran near its border with Pakistan on Tuesday. Preliminary reports from the state run Press TV said that dozens were killed in the tragedy.

The Seismological Center in Iran registered the quake at 7.5 that hit near the province of Sistan-Baluchestan. The quake struck at approximately 3:15 pm Iranian time and its epicenter was 50 miles from Saravan.

Around the Saravan area, officials have declared a state of emergency and rescue personnel have been dispatched from other areas of the country, said state authorities.

Aftershocks were expected to hit the area for a number of days and possibly weeks, said officials.

Tremors could be felt throughout southern Pakistan, which included Karachi. On the island of Kish, a hotel employee said he felt the quake and that several of the hotel’s guests reported a mild tremor. No damage was reported at the hotel and no guests had to be evacuated.

People in Abu Dhabi felt the quake, where buildings were shaking for over 40 seconds, but no damage in the area was reported.

The depth of the quake was reported to be 9.3 miles. This latest quake follows one that hit last week in the southern region of Iran as well, which killed 37 people.

That earthquake was centered near Kaki and measured 6.3. The quake did not damage the nuclear plant located only 60 miles from the city.

Because of the location of the quake, information has been slow in coming in regarding deaths, injuries and property damage.

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