Ebrahim Dorosti: Iranians Prefer to Buy Cheap Mobile Phones

Ebrahim Dorosti Iranians Prefer to Buy Cheap Mobile Phones

The recent economic sanctions on Iran had disastrous effects on Iran’s technology markets. At the current time, Iranians prefer to buy cheap mobile phones rather than ordering high class smart phones and advanced devices. Iranians are famous for buying new gadgets, tablets and smart phones but the conditions have been changed.

“According to the current special conditions, certified importers and illegal smugglers of digital devices only import cheap mobile phones to Iran. Previously they used to import advanced smart phones to country because they had fantastic market share. As the currency crisis is continuing in the country, Iranians also prefer to buy cheap phones.” said Ebrahim Dorosti, head of the State Union of Audio-Video Equipment and Cell Phone Sellers.

Ebrahim Dorosti also urged the government to provide cheap foreign currencies for official importers of digital devices to Iran. “Government can easily control this condition by providing foreign currencies to ¬†importers. We are facing with critical problems in Audio-Video markets in Tehran and this is not good for Iranians.”

Activists in Iran’s technology markets believe the current situation hurt both sellers and buyers.

United States and European countries have applied several sanctions against Iran over its disputed nuclear program. The financial sanctions resulted into dropping the value of Iranian Rial against U.S. Dollar. This has made many troubles for local importers because they must pay more money for the same product in compare to the last year.

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