Economy in Sana’a Has Come Under Economic Siege

Since recapturing the city of Aden from the Houthi rebels in July, the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Yemen forces that are anti-Houthi have used the port city in the south as their base to push northward and regain more prized territory.

Troops and arms have filtered into this area over recent weeks in an attempt at permanently reversing the tide of the Houthi.

However, another and perhaps less immediately apparent conflict, has been taking place in tandem with the different military campaigns.

By blockading Yemen first, and now using exclusively Aden as its only point of entry to the country, the coalition led by the Saudis and the government are hoping to lay economic siege in the north to the rebel group.

On Sunday, the government of Yemen, which has since earlier in 2015 been based in the Saudi’s capital of Riyadh, directed the supply, relief and trade ships to anchor in Aden.

That move is designed to cut the capital of Sanaa off and starve it, as well as other provinces that are still under the control of the Houthi, of much needed vital supplies.

It is also threatening to further limit the access of humanitarian aid that is much needed.

Huge alarm could be felt inside Sanaa following the announcement. The government of Yemen wants to impost economic siege on the Houthis, because they believe the economic siege, is more dangerous that all out war, said an economic experts.

According to analyst, the government of Yemen, which operated the system of ports, had stopped work in all the ports with the exception of Aden.

An activist for the Houthis said the Yemenis need humanitarian aid due to Saudi Arabia imposing its economic siege on the capital of Yemen.

It now controls everything imported to the country and if the siege were not in place, nothing would be needed in the line of humanitarian aid.

If the country lifted the blockade then traders could use Hudaida, which is further north but is only 100 kms west of Sanaa.

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