Egypt Announces Shuffle in Prime Minister’s Cabinet

Egypt’s government announced it had made changes to President Mohamed Morsi’s cabinet that removed two ministers whom had been involved closely in talks with the IMF – International Monetary Fund.

The changes also increased the representation in Morsi’s government of Muslim Brotherhood members.

The changes will not go over well with the country’s opposition who has been demanding the government install a cabinet that was politically neutral to oversee the election of the parliament later in 2013.

Hisham Qandil, the Prime Minister of Egypt announced nine changes on Tuesday to his cabinet. Observers feel the changes are strange since they came at a time when the final negotiations were taking place with the IMF for a loan of $4.8 billion.

Those same observers feel the changes would signal that the Muslim Brotherhood would play a large role in processes that are key in the economy.

One of the outgoing ministers had taken a central role in the IMF talks for the loan that is absolutely crucial in helping to ease the deep economic crisis the country is in. A final deal with the IMF has still not been reached.

The new cabinet of Qandil now includes 10 people affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood compared to just eight in the previous cabinet.

No changes were made to the ministers of foreign affairs, defense or the interior. Many in the country have criticized the government for not reviving the economy that is currently deep in crisis due to political turmoil that has gone on for the past two years.

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