Egypt bracing for more Protests and Violence

Egypt was getting prepared for another complete day of protests on Friday. Supporters of Mohammed Morsi the former President, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood planned to fill the streets of Cairo to resist the overthrow 10 days ago of the former Islamist leader.

The new calls for more demonstrations came amidst an increasing crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. The new interim prime minister in Egypt has expressed his hope that a new government would be in power before the end of next week.

Many figures in the Brotherhood have already been arrested over the last two week and there are more arrest warrants issued for the leader of the movement Mohammed Badie and nine more leading figures in the Islamist group.

Authorities have shuttered numerous television stations of the Islamists, while Morsi continues to be held at a location that is undisclosed.

Supporters of Morsi have been on the streets for more than a week vowing to not stop their call from his return to power, to which he had been elected democratically. The Brotherhood has said it is protesting in defense of democracy against the current military coup.

The struggle between the Brotherhood and the military escalated on Monday in the early morning hours when over 50 people died. Security forces started firing on demonstrators who were pro-Morsi outside a Nasr City Republic Guard building.

The unrest was rooted in the protests against Morsi that started June 30 when millions rallied throughout the country to demand he resign.

Backed by support from the people, the military in Egypt started a plan of a new transition, suspending the current constitution and dissolving the legislature, which ultimately forced Morsi out.

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