Egypt Cuts Ties With Syria

On Saturday, Mohammad Morsi the Islamist President of Egypt announced his government was cutting its diplomatic relations with the Syrian government. As part of cutting off relations, Egypt will close the Syrian embassy in Cairo.

The decision has been made amidst increasing calls from Egypt’s hard line Sunni clerics to start a holy war against the embattled regime in Syria.

At a rally that thousands of his supporters attended, Morsi said the government would withdraw is charge d’affaires from Syria. He also said the Hezbollah from Lebanon should leave Syria, where the militant group that is Iranian backed has been fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s loyal troops.

Morsi said Hezbollah had no place or business in Syria and should leave immediately.

Morsi commented at the rally that the regime led by Assad would not have a place in Syria’s future after committing such human atrocities against his own people.

The address by Morsi, particularly his message to Hezbollah, to leave Damascus and rhetoric, used by Muslim clerics over the weekend pointed to a growing perception of the conflict in Syria as being sectarian.

The rally on Saturday, that Morsi addressed, was called for by Islamists that are loyal to the president so they could show solidarity with Syria’s people.

Morsi spoke after a number of hard line clerics had spoken, all of whom said he should do everything possible to help the rebels in Syria.

The rally was attended by approximately 20,000 people chanting for solidarity for the Syrians, but at times changing to shout slogans that showed their support for Morsi.

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