Egypt Questions Morsi on Leaked Documents

Security sources have said that Egypt is investigating Mohamed Morsi the imprisoned ex-president in connection with a series of documents that investigators said had been leaked to Al Jazeera the Qatar based news channel.

Relations between Egypt and the Gulf Arab state of Qatar remain tense since 2013 when then chief of the army in Egypt and now President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted Morsi following protests against him. Morsi was supported by Qatar as well as his Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi has been questioned about his connection with the daughter of his secretary who is thought to have leaked security documents to the Qatar based news agency.

A security official said that security personnel had recorded a telephone call between a journalist from Egypt and the Morsi’s secretary’s daughter.

The journalist works for Al Jazeera. The woman in the conversation allegedly said she had security documents that were important and she wanted to give them to him.

Investigators are trying to determine if Morsi knew about the phone conversation or if he had given the leaked documents to the secretary.

Security personnel also said they knew that the woman was trying to send the same documents to intelligence in Qatar.

Al Jazeera officials were not available to make a comment, but the channel is banned from entering Egypt over what the government says is its support of Islamists.

The satellite news channel said it goal is balanced coverage of news, airing every point of view possible.

Sisi was elected president of Egypt, while Morsi sits in prison on suspicion of inciting violence as well as other varying types of offenses.

Morsi and the other leaders of the Brotherhood could receive a death sentence or life in prison if found guilty.

Security forces in Egypt killed hundreds of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood during protests in the streets, while thousands have been put in jail.

The oldest Islamist movement in Egypt was outlawed after being branded as a terrorist organization.

Decades ago, the Brotherhood had renounced violence as a means of making political change and denied having a role in any bloodshed.

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