Egypt swears in Interim President following ouster of Morsi

An Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court supreme justice was sworn in as the interim president of the country, replacing Mohommed Morsi the ousted Islamist.

On Thursday, Adly Mansour became the interim president at the Court in a ceremony the government broadcast live on its state television.

A military decree said Mansour would be the interim leader in Egypt until the country elected a new president. No date as of yet has been set for the next presidential elections.

Mansour, in his first words as president praised the street demonstrations that led to the ouster of Morsi. He hailed the youth who were behind the massive protest that started on June 30. Mansour said the protests embodied the country’s hopes, ambitions and conscience.

The assumption of the presidency by Mansour comes just a day after Morsi was deposed by the military. Morsi had taken office just one year ago as the first democratically elected president in Egypt.

Morsi was said to be held Thursday at an unknown location just hours after being toppled by the government, which suspended the country’s constitution as well.

A spokesman for Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmed Aref, told news agencies that Morsi and one aide were being detained, but he did not know where. An official with the country’s security agency said the two were at one of the military’s intelligence facilities.

Following the announcement of the change in power, authorities said 14 people or more were killed in fighting between Morsi’s opposition and his supporters.

Eight of the people killed were in Marsa Matrouh, a city in northern Egypt, while three were killed and as many as 50 wounded in Alexandria and another three were killed in Minya to the south.

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