Egypt Threatens Amal Clooney with Arrest

Amal Clooney the human rights lawyer said she had been threatened by Egypt with arrest after she identified flaws in its judicial system that contributed later to the convictions of three journalists from Al Jazeera.

Mrs. Clooney who is married to George Clooney the Hollywood star helped compile a report in 2014 for the International Bar Association that raised questions regarding the independent of prosecutors and judges in Egypt.

When the report was to be launched, said Clooney, it was not allowed in Cairo.

The authorities there asked if it criticized the army, government of judiciary. The answer came back yes, and the group was told they were risking being arrested.

Clooney is a lawyer that is representing one of the three reporters from Al Jazeera who are detained in Egypt.

The report based upon a mission of fact-finding in 2013, warned about the broad powers held by ministers over judges and highlighted a number of selective prosecutions.

The three journalists for Al Jazeera, including Peter Greste from Australia were detained back in December of 2013.

They were accused of spreading information that was false and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. Supporters said the charges against the three were politically motivated.

One recommendation in the report Clooney helped prepare was to end the traditional practice that allows officials in Egypt to handpick their judgers in certain cases that are politically tense.

The recommendation was not followed and the results have been panels that have been led by one judge who is famous for handing down brutal verdicts.

On Thursday of last week, the top court in Egypt ordered Greste and his two Al Jazeera fellow journalists to be retried, but kept the three in custody pending a hearing.

Clooney represents Mohamed Fahmy an Egyptian-Canadian citizen. Fahmy and Greste want to be deported, while the third journalist, Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian, was looking for a way out of the country.

Clooney had hoped that the deportation of Fahmy would go through in quick fashion, expressing little or no confidence in a full retrial.

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