Egyptian Court Gives Morsi Death Penalty Sentence

On Saturday, a court in Egypt sentenced former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to death for his involvement in a prison riot during a popular Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member, was the first democratically elected president in Egypt. He came to power after the revolt in 2011 that ended three decades of Hosni Mubarak autocratic rule.

Following a chaotic and divisive year as President, Morsi was ousted in July 2013 from power by members of the military following another huge wave of protests.

The case involving the jailbreak was a sign of the sweeping reversal of the political tide in Egypt since the uprising starting in 2011.

The ruling on Saturday was read in an auditorium at one of the police academies in Cairo that was converted into a courtroom. Morsi was given his sentence with over 100 others.

The presiding judge’s words triggered shouts from inside the glass cage where Morsi and some of the other defendants were being held.

The prison escape came after Morsi and other officials from the Brotherhood were arrested in their homes or at protests along with many thousands more during the unrest. Morsi was at a prison when the break took place in January of 2011. He was freed by those who rioted and overran guards that had not already left their posts.

Amongst those sentenced on Saturday to death were 70 Palestinians, including many who had been tried in absentia. Prosecutors have alleged that armed inmates were freed by armed Palestinians after they entered the country through tunnels from the Gaza Strip.

The ruling on Saturday was Morsi’s second in under a month, Last month, he received a sentence of 20 years on charges he incited violence and for overseeing an illegal detention and torture of the protesters, while he was President.

The former Egyptian president also faces trials over leaking sensitive information, fraud, and insulting the judiciary.

Before the death sentence can be carried out it much receive the approval of the top Sunni Muslim religious authority in Egypt, the Grand Mufti, who will make a ruling June 2.

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