Egyptian President Reshuffles His Ministers

President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt announced on Wednesday he would be tackling the problems with the country’s economy after hailing the charter that was pushed through despite huge opposition, as a new dawn in his country.

Morsi announced in a national address that was televised that he would be making changes to his cabinet and offered to have a new dialogue with his mostly secular opposition.

He said both sides had made mistakes while the new charter was being drafted but he remained defiant over what he called very difficult decisions he had to make. Morsi said the decisions he took were for the best interest of Egypt and God.

He contends that the result would end close to two years of political turmoil since Hosni Mubarak was overthrow in February of 2011 and give Egypt the opportunity to enter a phase of greater stability and security.

However, his opposition is challenging the legitimacy of the charter and is positioning itself for the upcoming elections in the legislature that will take place within the next two months.

Following Morsi’s speech the opposition said it planned to continue its struggle against the new constitution peacefully, through democratic means, sit-ins, demonstrations and litigation.

The opposition sees the new charter as a tool to possibly introduce strict sharia law by the Islamists by weakening the country’s human rights, rights of females and the judicial system’s independence.

They also made a point that only 1 out of every 3 of the 52 million Egyptian voters voted in the referendum.

There have been many protests in the streets of Egypt since early December including one on December 5 that took the lives of eight and wounded hundreds.

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