El-Sissi Shows New Signs of Running for Presidency

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi Egypt’s Field Marshal who is the military chief for all of Egypt says he is unable to turn his back at this time if the majority of his countrymen and women want him to be a candidate for president.

The comments by el-Sissi made at a speech to military cadets, was reported by MENA the state run news agency. The comments are his strongest to date suggesting his intentions to run.

The presidential election date and the laws that govern the vote have yet to be issued. He likely will not announce his official candidacy unit those measures have been taken.

The Field Marshal told the military candidates that the coming days would see the official procedures completed. El-Sissi was in charge of the overthrow on July 3 of Mohammed Morsi who was the first president of the country democratically elected.

On Tuesday, a court in Egypt ruled to ban all activities of Hamas inside Egypt. Hamas is a Palestinian militant group. The latest move likely will fuel the tension between the government in Cairo that is military backed and the Islamic group that is in charge of the nearby Gaza Strip.

The court in Cairo ordered that all offices of Hamas were to be closed and the suspension of all relations with the militant group.

Relations in Egypt with Hamas have deteriorated sharply since the overthrow by the military of Morsi who was an Islamist president. The Muslim Brotherhood that Morsi ran, which authorities have ruled is illegal and clamped down on, is the mother organization of Hamas.

The interim leaders of Egypt maintain that the group is playing an important role in insurgency in the northern area of the Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel and Gaza.

Senior official with Hamas, Izzat Rishq condemned the court ruling saying the group looked at it as a political decision directed at Palestinians and their continued resistance.

A lawyer in Egypt had brought a case to the court seeking the court’s ruling that Hamas was a terrorist organization. The ruling did not directly make a ruling declaring Hamas a terrorist group.

Authorities destroyed many tunnels that run under the border between Gaza and Egypt, which Palestinians used in Gaza in order to smuggle many differ goods out of Egypt.

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