Envoy Brahimi from United Nations Calls for Interim Government in Syria

Lakhdar Brahimi, the special envoy from the United Nations, called for the need of real change in Syria due to the war and the installation of an interim government that would hold full power until complete elections could be held.

The special envoy announced his initiative on Thursday in Damascus, as Russia, Syria’s government’s most powerful ally, denied there existed a joint peace accord with the U.S., amidst a great deal of diplomatic activity over the crisis as the year ends.

Brahimi said any change should not be just cosmetic, the people of Syria he said require and need real change and everyone involved knows what that entails. The Arab League/UN envoy is currently spending his fifth day in Syria on his peace mission.

He said a new government with complete powers was needed to assume the role of the government during a transition period. That period he said would end when elections have been completed.

No date was specified by the envoy for future elections, either parliamentary or presidential and would have to be determined at a later date. Brahimi did not mention what the fate of current Syria President Bashar al-Assad would be, whose term is scheduled to end in 2014.

Brahimi has held talks while in Damascus with Assad and with the opposition groups that the regime tolerates. He replaced Kofi Annan as the UN special envoy after Annan announced a dramatic resignation following what he called the failure of the major powers to support his six-point plan for peace in August.

One diplomat on the Security Council at the UN said that Brahimi had not received any support from Assad or the opposition since he arrived Sunday in Syria.


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