Erdogan Insists Muslims Are Never Guilty

Recip Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey continued his bizarre rhetoric this week when he spoke to reporters and said that Muslims have never taken part in any terrorist massacres. He appeared to put the blame on the West for the Islamist attacks that recently took place in Paris.

The leader of Turkey, a NATO member and ally of the West has moved his nation further in recent years from secularism.

He has drawn many criticisms for not having done more to stop foreign jihadists from passing through Istanbul into Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State.

However, his comments this week could isolate him further from the West.

Erdogan said that as Muslims we have not ever taken part in any terrorist massacres. Behind these are racism and Islamphobia.

He added that French citizens are the ones that carried out the massacre and Muslims are the ones that pay the price. He called the hypocrisy by the West obvious.

He said the acts of terrorism are followed by a script that is predetermined and everyone should be aware there is a plot against the entire Islamic World.

The comments came as well against the backdrop of the ongoing slaughter in Iraq and Syria of Muslims by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State and new reports that Boko Haram the Islamist group in Nigeria killed as many as 2,000 villagers in its most recent atrocity.

Erdogan, over the past few months, has cracked down on freedom of the press and made a number of bizarre statements. Some of those statements seem to be aimed at giving him an elevated status with the Muslim world.

This week he met with Mohmoud Abbas the leader of the Palestinians in a huge spectacle that was ridiculed by his critics.

The spectacle was unprecedented in the history of Turkey and became the subject of ridicule on social media.

However, a more worrisome concern to the neighbors of Turkey and allies is the country’s unwillingness or inability to secure its different borders with Iraq and Syria.

Not only are jihadists entering those two countries from Turkey, but also hardened killers are able to return, re-enter the West and cause security threats such as the one in Paris only a week ago.

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