“Exchange Rate Volatility has Direct Affects on the Lives of Iranian Workers”

Exchange Rate Volatility has Direct Affects on the Lives of Iranian Workers

Mehdi Najafpour, one of the member of Iran’s Labor House party, believes the current exchange rate volatility has direct affects on the lives of Iranian workers and has made a great deal of troubles for them.

“By continuing the currency crisis in Iran, the labor families deal with more problems as they are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the country. Some companies fire labors and reduce their workforce in order to cut the expenses. Even those labors working in active companies don’t receive their salaries on time.” Mehdi Najafpour said.

“On the other hand, labors are also experiencing high inflation rates. In these situations they are unable to provide living and commodity items for their families so they are under unimaginable pressures. If the conditions continue, we will see the disastrous effects of this crisis in future.” Mehdi Najafpour added.

As a result of U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, the national currency of this country lost its value against foreign currencies. This made many problems for local companies and corporations since their expenses have been increased dramatically. However the authorities of Iran’s government believe the ‘so called sanctions’ didn’t have any affects on Persian community.

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