Executives and Journalists Arrested in Turkey

On Sunday, Turkish police arrested media executives, senior journalists and even a scriptwriter for a popular series on television on charges of forming then leading and being a member of a terrorist organization.

Over two dozen people were arrested which followed police raids from December of last year in which supporters of the government, which included ministers sons and the head of a bank owned by the state were interrogates for corruption. In nearly all those charges from last year were dropped.

The current set of detainees is people whom are associated with the Gulen religious movement, which is influential and whose followers have a network of businesses and schools.

The Turkish government accuses this movement of infiltrating the judiciary and police.

Amongst the people detained now is Ekrem Dumanli, editor in chief of the newspaper with the widest circulation, Zaman.

Police on Sunday arrived in the early morning and were greeted by a large number of protesters who shouted free media could not be quieted.

Gulen supporters and journalists mounted a vigil following tweets from a reliable yet anonymous source known as Fuatavni who warned of the police raid.

Police pulled back but only to return Sunday afternoon when voluntarily Dumanli surrendered to authorities.

Also taken into custody were Hidayet Karaca the chief of Samanyolu television which is Gulen affiliated, along with the producers, director and writer of a political soap opera that has cast aspersions on the attempt by the government to broker a deal with the Kurdish militants by depicting it as a Tehran hatched conspiracy.

For the last year, the Turkish government has waged a big campaign against Fethullah Gulen the spiritual leader who lives in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains in exile.

In the press that is pro-government, even using Pennsylvania is now synonymous with the conspiracy to create what is known as a parallel state by carrying out an overthrow of the government of Preisdent Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The movement affiliated with Gulen counters the accusations by saying they are simply smokescreens to cover the governments corruption including in the family of the president.

Last week a U.S. State Department statement cautioned Turkey, which is a key ally in NATO, not to carry out violations of democratic foundations.

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