FAA Tells Airlines in U.S. All Tel Aviv Flights Cancelled

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration told all airlines based in the U.S. flights to Tel Aviv airport in Israel were prohibited for at least 24 hours after a rocket launched from Gaza landed in the area of the airport.

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines announced earlier on Tuesday they suspended service between Israel and the U.S. on an indefinite basis.

US Airways stopped its service to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and said it will monitor the ongoing situation with regard to any future flights.

In a prepared statement, the FAA announced that the flight ban runs from 12:15 ET Tuesday to 12:15 ET Wednesday. The statement continued by saying a rocket had landed only a mile from the Ben Gurion International Airport on Tuesday.

The airport is only 50 miles to the north of Gaza, which is within range of the rockets being used by Hamas the militant group.

El Al, the Israeli airline maintained its regular schedule of flights. Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg said on Tuesday he would fly on the Israeli airline so he could demonstrate it was safe to fly to and from Israel.

The only daily flight for Delta Air Lines was in the air flying above the Mediterranean when it had to return to Paris due to the warning. Flight 468 had 273 passengers on board.

The notice by the FAA applies only to airlines in the U.S. since no authority is held by the FAA over any carriers from other countries.

The FAA announced it would monitor as well as evaluate the situation with updated instructions provided to airlines in the U.S. when conditions permitted, but within the next 24 hours, from the time their directive was announced.

Palestinian militants now have fired over 2,000 rockets at Israel. Several have been sent in the direction of the airport, but have been intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system of Israel.

However, a spokesperson from the Israel police said the Tuesday missile landing only one mile from the airport was the closest to date.

A house was damaged by the rocket and one Israeli slightly injured in the village of Yehud.

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