Family of Killed Hostage Blasts Government Over Hostage Crisis

On Thursday, President Obama took personal responsibility for the death of a U.S. citizen and Italian both of whom were killed in January during a counter terrorism operation by the U.S.

However, the President’s words did little to comfort the family of the U.S. hostage, who said the government in general had been disappointing and inconsistent for years during their time of need.

Elaine Weinstein the wife of Warren Weinstein the American hostage killed in the operation said she wanted to thank Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski as well as Congressman John Delaney. She also thanked some officials in the FBI for the relentless efforts all of them had in trying to free her husband.

Unfortunately, added Mrs. Weinstein, for the last three years the assistance from other elements within the U.S. government was disappointing and inconsistent.

She said she hoped that the death of her husband and the others who faced similar tragedies will finally prompt the government to be more serious with its responsibilities and to establish a consistent and coordinated approach to supporting the hostages and the families of the hostages.

She blasted the military and government of Pakistan as well, for whom Weinstein said the safe return of her husband should have been their priority based on the contributions he made to their country.

However, she added, they failed in taking action early on during his captivity at a time when an opportunity was present and instead treated his captivity as an annoyance instead of a priority.

The Obama administration recently ordered a complete review of the way the U.S. deals with these types of hostage situations, following the deaths of a number of Americans held either by al-Qaeda or by the Islamic State. Officials in the U.S. said that significant changed would be recommended during the coming weeks.

Weinstein lost his life along with Giovanni Lo Porto an aid worker from Italy in a drone strike by the CIA in January in a tribal area in Pakistan, said an official in the U.S. on Thursday.

The strike and one only days later killed two Americans who were members of al-Qaeda.

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