Fatah Targets Hit by Blasts in Gaza

A number of different small explosions targeted the vehicles and homes of officials from the Fatah movement on Friday in the Gaza Strip. The Fatah movement’s President is Mahmoud Abbas. The blast only caused minor damages and no injuries were reported.

The blasts come days ahead of the 10th anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat the former Fatah leader and Palestinian president.

A senior official with Fatah Abdallah Abu Samhadana announced that the commemoration on Nov 11 would go forward even with the explosions. One of the explosions hit the stage for the event.

Hamas condemned Friday’s explosions calling them a criminal act while declaring that those who had carried the attacks should be brought to justice.

Rami Hamdallah the Palestinian Prime Minister, in reaction to Friday’s blasts cancelled his scheduled visit for Saturday in Gaza, a spokesperson for the government said.

Hamdallah was due to have meetings with Federica Mogherini the new chief of foreign affairs for the European Union.

Fatah and Hamas agreed back in April to form a government of reconciliation, which was an effort to overcome deep rifts politically that started back on 2007, when at the time, Hamas took power inside Gaza following a civil war with Fatah.

It is unclear who was responsible for the attacks on Friday, but a letter that was left near the scene of one blast was signed by the Islamic State.

Sources said that they doubted the letter was be verified as being authentic and more likely had been an attempt by the attackers to spread new fear and cover their real identity.

The Gaza Strip has started a reconstruction effort after receiving large amounts of damage to infrastructure after a 50-day war this past summer between the Hamas militants in the Israel.

Israel claims it was defending itself from mortar and rocket attacks into the country. After sending in troops during the conflict, the Israeli defense forces located dozens of tunnels that had been built and were used for attacking Israel.

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