Father Claims Son is In IS Video

On Monday a father announced that he believed that his son, who is a British student studying medicine, was among the squad of jihadists from Islamic State filmed beheading soldiers from Syria in a video that was posted Sunday online.

Ahmed Muthana said that his son Nasser Muthana, who is 20, appeared amongst a group of jihadists who were viewed on the video, which also showed Peter Kassig an American hostage decapitated.

Muthana said he is not 100% certain, but it looks to be his son. Muthana lives in Cardiff a city in Wales.

The father said that his son must now fear Allah for killing people, because how do you expect to be facing Allah after killing humans.

Kassig’s killing was the fifth killing by the Islamic State of a Western hostage and formed just a small part of the video of 15 minutes that showed the Islamic State beheading 14 men it said had been officers and pilots loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

Videos have been released previously by the Islamic State of beheadings of two British and two American men, which features a militant dressed in black wearing a mask brandishing a knife while speaking with a clear English accent. The man has been given the nickname Jihadi John by the media in Britain.

The video on Sunday showed the majority of the killers without masks and one newspaper in England said that the man who is thought to be Nasser Muthana was next to Jihadi John.

IS has thousands of combatants from foreign countries and is a magnet for volunteers wanting to be jihadists from North America and Europe.

Nasser Muthana has appeared prior to this video online in another video released last June urging all Muslims to join the Islamic State.

Aseel, his brother, who is younger than Nasser also went to Syria after the two were radicalized in Cardiff, said their father.

Reyaad Khan a school friend of Nasser Muthana is also in online footage from June said various media reports.

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