Fighters From Across the Globe Joining Islamic State

Jihadists from over 80 countries have arrived in Syria and Iraq in extraordinary numbers to fight for the Islamic State according to a report published by the U.S. on Friday.

Nearly 15,000 people have made a journey to fight next to other Islamic State fighters, from countries that previously have not faced challenges related to al-Qaeda.

The amount of foreign jihadists that are traveling to enter the fight since 2010 has surpassed the cumulative total over the past 20 years.

There are foreign fighters with the IS from France, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and Northern Ireland.

The top police officer in Britain, Bernard Hogan-Howe last week estimated that five per week were leaving Britain to fight with the IS.

Officials in security estimate that close to 500 British nationals are fighting in Iraq or Syria.

The UN report warned of more nations now than at any previous time face problems of dealing with these fighters returning from fighting in the conflict.

The report was prepared by a committee monitoring al-Qaeda and concluded that the once feared and mighty group is now maneuvering for relevance after the rise of the IS, which was kicked out of al-Qaeda by Ayman al-Zawahiri the leader.

Despite a split, the UN has concluded that the legal basis for the fight by United States President Obama against the Islamic State was a justifiable one.

Obama vowed he would not order any forces into combat on the ground in Syria or Iraq, relying instead on U.S. air power aiding local forces.

However, his pledge of putting no U.S. boots on the ground has come upon pressure amidst the increasing calls for forward air controllers and advisers to deploy with Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers to aid in directing the air raids and plan other operations.

The use by Islamic State of social media has attracted a new breed of fighters from around the world.

The UN has agreed with the White House that the core of al-Qaeda remains weakened.

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