Final Stronghold of Rebels near Qusair captured by Government forces

Government forces in Syria supported by guerrillas from the Hezbollah on Saturday captured Buwayda village, the final stronghold of rebel forces in the area that surrounds the important town of Qusair, which earlier this week government forces seized.

Activists and security forces said many fighters who originally had escaped the fighting in Qusair, were captured during the assault on Buwayda.

By capturing the village, government forces secured the complete area near the border with Lebanon, which rebels had been using to bring in supplies and arms.

State television in Syria showed footage from streets in Buwayda that were completely empty. The village is just eight miles to the northeast of the town of Qusair. The footage showed one building which rebels had used that was completely destroyed.

Government forces that remain loyal to Syria President Bashar al-Assad took control of Qusair Wednesday following over two weeks of heavy shelling and fighting that left many buildings destroyed  and sent civilians looking for safety.

Rebel groups located in different places around Syria sent many men to attempt to stave assault by Assad’s army and the well trained guerillas of Hezbollah.

However, the men were overwhelmed in quick fashion because of poor coordination and a lack of weapons.

Qusair falling to government troops was a huge victory for Assad. The civil war is now in its second year with over 80,000 people killed.

With Qusair now secured, government forces will shift to Alleppo in northern Syria. Rebels over the past 12 months have dug in, in that city.

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