Forty-Six Killed More Than 100 Injured in Two Yemen Attacks

Three suicide bombers attacked two mosques crowded with the day’s worshippers in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital on Friday. The attacks killed at least 46 while injuring over 100 others. The attacks targeted mosques run by Shiite rebels.

A television report on Al-Masirah a rebel owned channel said the suicide bombers had attacked the al-Hashoosh and Badr mosques during their midday prayers Friday, which is traditionally the busiest time of the entire week. The final casualty report has yet to be released, but hospitals are pleading for people to donate blood.

Witnesses said two or more suicide bombers had attacked inside the one mosque. One of them walked inside the Badr mosque and then detonated his bomb, causing droves of panic amongst the worshippers. Another suicide bomber then attacked while worshippers were panicking attempting to reach safety.

One eyewitness near the al-Hashoosh mosque in the northern district of Sanaa said he had been thrown almost 8 feet back with the force of the blast.

One law enforcement official said you could see arms, legs and heads of the dead scattered about on the mosque floor, with rivers of blood everywhere.

Authorities said many who did not die from the blast suffered serious injuries by the shattered glass that fell from the windows of the mosque.

One witness said he ran quickly toward the door with others but one man kept screaming to return and save the injured.

One TV network operated by Shiites aired footage from the interior of the al-Hashoosh mosque, where volunteers had to use bloodied blankets to carry the victims away.

One of those killed was a small child.

The attacks come only a day after gun battles in Aden a city to the south between troops loyal to the former president and the current leader left 13 people dead and closed the international airport to the city.

No one has claimed responsibility for the suicide attacks. Yemen has a very powerful branch of al-Qaeda,

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