France Hits Depot of Islamic State in Iraq

Joining forces from the U.S. across the skies of Iraq, France carried out its first airstrike on Friday against Islamic State the militant group. The airstrike destroyed a logistics depot, said the presidency of France.

Rafale fighter jets carried out the mission that struck the depot location an area of northeastern Iraq early Friday morning.

The statement released by the French presidency said the entire target had been destroyed and that other operations would follow in the upcoming days.

With its first strike, France is the first foreign country to add military power publicly to the airstrikes by the United States against the militant group. The group has drawn strong criticism from across the globe and in a unanimous resolution from the UN Security Council for its barbarity.

On Thursday, Central Command for the U.S. said the U.S. had conducted 176 airstrikes inside Iraq since August 8.

The U.S. Military hit a training camp for the group on Wednesday southeast of the city of Mosul and a stockpile of ammunition to the Baghdad’s southeast.

A number of airstrikes were also carried out during the week in the Anbar province of Iraq near the Haditha Dam.

The airstrike by the French took place while the U.S. military Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited France to hold meetings with his equal there.

At an earlier news conference, President Hollande of France said he agreed to conduct the airstrikes that had been requested by the government of Iraq to bolster Iraq’s fight against the militant group that has taken control of large areas of land across the northern region of the country.

Hollande stressed that only airstrikes would be carried out by France and nothing beyond that. He said France would not attack any targets inside Syria where the militant group has captured territory as well.

Jets from France on Monday started making reconnaissance missions over the airspace of Iraq involving fighter Rafales as well as an ATL2 surveillance aircraft, said one of the spokespersons for the French military.

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