France Launches Plan to Battle Threat of Jihadists

France has decided to crack down on its youth who leave home to fight in the civil war in Syria with Islamist radicals.

The Minister of the Interior announced a number of strict measures on Wednesday that range from allowing parents who are suspicious to tip authorities off to cancelling passports and putting the names of potential jihadis’ in a computer bank in Europe.

More youth from the country of France are embarking on trips to the Middle East country of Syria, than from any other country in Europe. However, the problem and risks of terrorism by the ones who return home covers all of Europe.

Laurent Fabius the Foreign Minister of France said in an interview this week that over 500 have left France for Syria, which is double the figure announced in early January.

Children who are just 15 have left France and made it to the training camps of jihads. Some have been picked up by parents and returned to face charges.

Bernard Cazenueve the Interior Minister said the plan was global with its repressive elements having a goal to dismantle networks that expose France to risks.

The civil war in Syria has killed over 150,000 and forced many millions to flee their residences and the country since it started back in March of 2011.

In the weekly meeting of the Cabinet, the plan was laid out.

Amongst the preventive measures includes an alert system for the parents who believed their child is at risk of joining jihad.

Parents would contact directly the Ministry of the Interior, which would then put into motion a plan locally to mobilize social services.

The Interior minister did not elaborate and did not say whether parents and teachers would be the ultimate ones in spying on their children and students.

In addition, officials will cancel passports of individuals that are suspected of planning travel to Syria.

Foreign residents will be automatically expelled if any are thought to be participating with terrorist operations, said the minister.

France will also, with the help of partners in Europe, increase the monitoring of websites posting videos along with other messages that incite activities of jihad.

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