France says Sarin use has been detected by tests in Syria

France announced that it is certain sarin, the nerve agent, has been used on a number of occasions in Syria following the results of tests that had been carried out on different samples recovered in the country.

The tests, said Laurent Fabius, the France’s Foreign Minister, show sarin is present in a number of samples. He added that the results of the test had been handed over to members of the United Nations.

The government of Syria and its opposition rebels have accused one another of using the chemical weapons during the conflict that has being taking place for more than two years.

The minister told French television that there is no doubt gas has been and is being used as the laboratory tests show that clearly. He blamed the regime and their accomplices for the use of chemical weapons.

France has tested many samples that were suspected of being elements of chemical weapons for many weeks, including some that had been smuggled out of Syria by French reporters.

Fabius said it is unacceptable that the individuals responsible for these chemical weapons crimes go unpunished. Under international law, using chemical weapons is illegal.

A chemist who is now exiled from Syria but helped to develop the government’s chemical weapons told a Middle East news agency in May that the stockpile for Syria of chemical weapons includes more than 700 tons of sarin agent.

The announcement by the French comes as investigators from the UN said mounting evidence existed that both the government and the rebels were committing heinous massacres, using chemical weapons and carrying out acts of torture.

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