French and UK Malls Tighten Security on Threat

Heavily armed security forces and police were deployed at shopping malls in Paris and across London after a terror group based in Somalia released a video threatening attacks.

Groups of soldiers and police armed with assault rifles, while dressed in bulletproof vests, patrolled malls in Paris on Monday.

In the UK, the country put the threat level for terrorism as its second highest meaning that an attack was highly likely on domestic soil.

The police in London said they knew of the video and were assessing its content. The police rarely if ever comment about its operational strategy or deployments.

Al-Shabaab the terror group based in Somalia released its video on Saturday. The video called for attacks in France, the UK, the U.S. and Canada. Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked a Kenya shopping mall back in September of 2013 killing 67 people.

Over 10,000 troops were deployed throughout France since the attacks in January at the Charlie Hebdo offices killed 17. Landmarks, major media headquarters and Jewish schools are being guarded by armed officers

Paris and certain military sites were on a top terror alerts since January while the other parts of France are on a high alert.

Police in Britain arrested record numbers of people on charges related to terrorism in 2014, due to the threat of terrorist attacks by people returning home from areas in Iraq and Syria that are controlled by the Islamic State.

This is a new tactic said one security analyst. The terrorist groups are saying they will not come to us and attack on the home soil of different countries.

The analyst said that al-Shabaab has always had Westerners within its ranks but never had them return to their homes to plot attacks.

Jen Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security said on Sunday that Mall of America visitors must be careful after a terrorist group threatened the tourist attraction that is based in Minneapolis.

Security was increased on Sunday at the mall, but a police officer in Minneapolis said no credible threat existed against the mall.

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