French Arrest Suspect After He Shot Himself

Authorities in France arrested an extremist who had been planning an attack on churches in France. The Islamist apparently accidently shot himself and had to call for an ambulance, announced the top official for security in France on Wednesday.

The man, a computer science student who is 24, was flagged as being a risk by officials from France last year, said Bernard Cazeneuve the Interior Minister. The man has also been accused in the death of a mother.

A security official in France, who requested anonymity due to not being authorized to speak in public told an international news agency that the man, an Algerian who for several years has lived in France, was arrested this past Sunday in the capital of Paris after accidently shooting himself and calling for help.

Sources said the suspect had been found with a bullet wound to his leg and said he had been shot during a disagreement with another individual.

Police who had arrived found a blood trail that led to the man’s car, which was loaded with weapons, bulletproof vests and notes written about possible targets.

In addition, police found flashing blue lights, which can be affixed to the car roof and police armbands used by plainclothes officers in France said reports.

Documents were found that established the man was planning to carry out an imminent attack and probably on at least two churches, said Cazeneuve.

In the apartment of the man, located in Paris’ southeastern section, more weapons were located along with more evidence that linked the man to Islamic extremism, said officials,

No evidence was found linking the suspect to direct ties with any current organized groups, said officials.

Aurelie Chatelain, a French woman who is 32 was visiting Paris for a work related training session. She was found fatally shot Sunday morning inside her vehicle. Security officials said that appeared she was killed by the suspect randomly.

Chatelain was in the area from the northern region of France to take a course in pilates and the night prior to her murder posted on Facebook how happy she had be to be there.

Authorities last year found out the suspect wanted to travel to the Middle East, and specifically to Syria.

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