Gaza Offensive by Israel Intensifying

Israel has bombarded dozens of different targets throughout the Gaza Strip Tuesday. The increase in what the government said could become an offensive that is long-term against Hamas came following rocket attacks on towns in southern Israel.

The outbreak of violence is the worst in the Gaza strip since the 2012 eight-day war. Military leaders in Israel said it was possible they would use a ground invasion into the enclave, though it was not imminent.

The military also urged all its citizen within a range of 24 miles from the territory along the coast to remain near bomb shelters.

Moshe Yaalon the Defense Minster said in a prepared statement that Israel was preparing to battle Hamas and the battle would not last for just a few days.

Yaalon continued in his statement by saying the military would not tolerate any missiles fired at towns in Israel and were already prepared to extend its operations with everything at its disposal to keeping pounding Hamas.

A source inside Benjamin Netanyahu’s office quoted the Israeli Prime Minister as saying the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared to go all the way, with all options available including a possible ground invasion.

The border between Israel and Gaza became a firestorm in June after the arrest of hundreds of activists from Hamas by Israeli security forces inside the West Bank where three youths from Israel were reported missing June 12.

Over 200 rockets since then have been launched into Israel the military announced, since the dragnet was mounted by Israel, while searching for the missing teens, whose bodies were eventually found.

Israel accused the militant group of killing the teens.

In the fighting in Gaza, a fighter from Hamas was killed by an airstrike in the refugee camp of Nusseirat, said Palestinians medical personnel.

An official with the Palestinians said Israel had targeted militant training facilities and six homes. Over 30 people to date have been wounded.

Over the last 24 hours, the military in Israel said that over 100 rockets have been fired into Israel. Some of the rockets had been intercepted by the anti-missile Iron Dome system, but two people thus far have been wounded.

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