General Ali Moayedi: Selling Drugs Online is a New Crime in Iran

General Ali Moayedi Selling Drugs Online is a New Crime in Iran

Head of the Anti-narcotics Division of Iran’s Police Force General Ali Moayedi has warned of new type of online crime in Iran. Currently the Anti-narcotics Division of Iran’s Police are cooperating with the Iran’s Cyber Police to detect and arrest the sellers of drugs through Internet.

“Criminals are always a few steps ahead of the rest of society. They use all possible means to achieve their purposes. Unfortunately selling drugs online is one of the most common ways for criminals in developed countries. Traffickers try to abuse Internet and turn this useful tool into a major opportunity for themselves.” General Ali Moayedi said during a press conference.

“Internet marketing for selling and distributing drugs is not that prevailing method for smugglers in Iran but Anti-narcotics Division in cooperation with Cyber Police is trying hard to identify those criminals using these methods. We are collecting data about bands committing this crime. They will be arrested in near future.” The chief of Anti-narcotics Division Ali Moayedi promised.

According to the statistic released by Iranian government, there are more than 35 million Internet users in this country. Iran is neighboring with Afghanistan, the top producer of narcotics. So traffickers can easily smuggle narcotics to country.

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