Growing Demand of Second Hand Laptop in Iran

Growing Demand of Second Hand Laptop in Iran

During the recent months, the price of laptops and different types of gadgets has been increased significantly in Iran because of the sudden hike of foreign exchange rates. Now the demand of second hand and used laptop is growing notably in Iran. Even some suppliers are suffering from shortages in second hand laptops as more consumers prefer to buy them rather than new ones.

“The recent demand has turned into a black market for dealers. At this situation, we are also struggling to find computer parts to repair the damaged systems. Some customers should wait for even one month to get their computer or laptop fixed.” said Samadian, activist in Iran’s computer market. He also noted that, some repairers prefer to keep the spare parts rather than selling them to clients.

“From three months ago, the demand of used laptops has been increased dramatically. Now we see some people have created black market.” Saleh Zadeh, another activist said.

As we have reported earlier, the technology market of Iran is badly suffering from the U.S. led sanctions on Iran. Accordingly the exchange rates of foreign currencies have been increased in Iran and customers cannot afford to buy brand new digital devices as most of them must be imported from other countries.

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