Hamas Says Decision by Egypt to List Qassam was Political

On Sunday, the Palestinian Jihadist Islamic Movement and Hamas said that the listing of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas by Egypt as a terrorist group was political.

The political bureau chairman for Hamas said that history has recorded the support by Egypt to national liberty movements across the Arab world as well as Africa, particularly Palestine and the ruling made was against Palestinian rights, history and the known values and principles of Egypt.

According to the ruling by the Egyptian Court of Urgent Affairs, Qassam Brigades is involved in taking part in terror acts against military and security personnel of Egypt and has been a supporter of Muslim Brotherhood, which is designated as well as a terrorist group.

In a Saturday evening statement, the PIJM rejected the ruling by the court saying it served only the Zionist occupation.

The ruling by the court came only two days after a number of attacks on Thursday across the Sinai that killed 29 of Egypt’s security personnel.

The number of dead from terrorist acts that have taken place since January of 2011 through April of 2014 was 971, including 665 security personnel.

The PIJM condemned the latest Sinai attacks in its prepared statement saying the attacks targeting the stability and security of Egypt only serve the nation’s enemy.

A spokesperson for Hamas said that the movement rejected the court decision of listing the Qassam Brigade as a terrorist group, calling it a politicized decision.

The group also rejected injecting resistance in the domestic affairs of Egypt.

Following an attack on October 24, in Arish a town in North Sinai, 31 soldiers died. Egypt responded by establishing a buffer zone of 1 kilometer along its border which required evacuating over 1,000 families.

Egypt has been the mediator in talks indirectly held between Israel and Palestine in the past, especially during the most recent war of 51 days, during July and August of last year.

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