Hamas Says Unity Government Failed Gaza

The unity government in Gaza has failed in its commitment to rebuild war-torn Gaza, said Ismail Haniya the former prime minister from Hamas.

Speaking on Monday night, shortly after a delegation arrived in Gaza from the West Bank, Haniya accused the unity government of not keeping its commitments because it did not carry out the needed reconstruction nor unify institutions or organize elections.

In June, the national consensus government started in power following an apparent reconciliation agreement between the Fatah movement under Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian president and Hamas, which ended 7 years of rival government administrations in Gaza and the West Bank.

Technocratic the government’s mandate was unifying the governance of two different territories and to prepare for new elections.

It later was tasked to rebuild Gaza following the deadly war this past summer with Israel, which claimed close to 2,200 Palestinian lives.

A number of bombings over the past month targeting property of Fatah officials inside Gaza prompted Rami Hamdallah the prime minister to cancel a visit that had been scheduled.

Haniya accused the new government of acting only selectively, which was harmful to all of Gaza and was not optimistic the current visit would get anything back on the right track.

Haniya added that unfortunately the unity government did not manage to prove it was a government that represented all of the Palestinian people.

The remarks by Haniya were broadcast on Hamas’ television Al-Aqsa and came several hours after ministers and over 40 officials from the government in Ramallah made their arrival to help kick start the Gaza reconstruction, which still had not started.

The huge task of the rebuilding of the territory, where over 96,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, which left over 100,000 people without a home, has hardly started, with officials accusing Israel of blocking the entry of critical building supplies.

The combined unity government had been tasked with the management of the reconstruction but that process was bogged down because of infighting between Fatah and Hamas.

Sources said that it has taken longer to get the brokered mechanism in order to facilitate the entry of construction supplies.

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