Hamed Ghadermarzi: Economy must be the Main Concern of Presidential Candidates

Hamed Ghadermarzi Economy must be the Main Concern of Presidential Candidates

Currently Iranians are suffering from the economic problems due to several internal and external elements. Hamed Ghadermarzi, member of Iran’s Majlis, believes economy must be the main concern of presidential candidates in Iran. The next presidential election is scheduled to be held on the upcoming Persian year. Ahmadinejad must hand over the power to the next president.

“The slogans of nominees must be base on the realities in community and they should avoid posing virtual slogans. The competition between the candidates and political parties has yet to start. However I think conservative and reformist parties must introduce their own nominees and people should obtain more information from them.” said Hamed Ghadermarzi, Iranian MP.

“Foreign policy and economy must be the main concerns of presidential candidates. I believe each nominee who has better plans on these two subjects, has more chance to win the election. Also Iranians are smart in selecting their presidents. They assess the constructive plans offered by candidates.” Hamed Ghadermarzi added.

Iranian nation currently face with two major problems including economic issues and foreign policy. United States and European countries have imposed disastrous sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear program. These financial sanctions had enormous effects on the value of Iranian currency, Rial. Politicians and people blame Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government over its mismanagement caused the current issues.

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