Hassan Rohani Says Military in Iran is Best to Fight Islamic State

The president of Iran has said that the country’s military is the only hope the Middle East has if terrorists start to spread across the region.

The Iranian president lauded the country’s military as the most reliable to take on the terrorist in the Middle East.

Hassan Rohani offered assistance from his military to other countries in the Middle East saying that thus far Iranian troops helped in both Syria and Iraq in their struggle against ISIS but insisted that Tehran does not have any military intentions with regard to other countries.

The military parade at which Rohani made his comments marked the country’s 35th anniversary of the Iraq-Iran War.

In the speech, the President of Iran said that if terrorists started to expand within the region the Revolutionary Guards and Iranian Army were the only hope.

The Islamic State a Sunni militant radical group has taken one third of both Iraq and Syria following it blitz into the area in 2014 and has declared its own style of caliphate on the area it controls.

Other countries in the Middle East such as Libya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have seen an emergence of affiliates of IS and groups that declared allegiance to the radical group.

Rohani said that nations in the Middle East should not put that much faith in the powers in the West as their defenders. He said that today the armed forces in the region are the biggest regional powers against today’s terrorism.

Iran has already sent its military advisers to the countries of Iraq and Syria to help with their battle of the IS group but denies that it is sending combat forces on the ground.

Rohani also offered albeit in a veiled manner help from Iran to Saudi Arabia a Sunni rival though he did not name the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been carrying out airstrikes against Shiite rebels in Yemen that are Iran-backed.

The rebels advance has forced the internationally recognized Yemen president to go into self-imposed exile in the Kingdom.

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