Hezbollah Accused by Bahrain in Terror Attack

Bahrain’s foreign minister accused the militant group Hezbollah of a terrorist attack on Monday that killed one police officer in a town dominated by Shiites.

The interior ministry in Bahrain said on Tuesday that the officer killed in an explosion southwest of Manama the capital, was Jordanian. He had been in Bahrain under an exchange program for security.

Ali Mohammed Ali a corporal was killed when a bomb that was remote-controlled exploded while he was on duty in Damistan a village near the capital.

The General Security chief of the kingdom said on the ministry’s website that the attack had been an act of terrorism.

Security forces cordoned off the area around Damistan as well as tightened all checks on roads that were leading into the village, said residents.

Khalid al-Khalifa the Foreign Minister of Bahrain blamed Hezbollah the Lebanon-based militant group for the bombing.

The minister wrote that another police officer had been killed in Bahrain by a bomb that was made by the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

The bombing was the first fatal attack on the country’s security forces since November parliamentary elections. On Tuesday, another bomb blast took place in the Shiite village of Karzakan in western Bahrain.

That blast killed one Bahraini and wounded an Asian. The bomb blast was also labeled a terrorist attack by the interior ministry.

The vote in November was the first for the Gulf state since its Sunni authorities crushed protests that were pro-democracy in 2011 that had been led by Shiites, who are the majority.

The main opposition movement Al-Wefaq quickly put distance between itself and the attack in Damistan, reaffirming its complete rejection of the use of violence in a formal statement.

Attacks directed toward security forces in the country have been on the increase this year. Three policemen including an UAE national were killed in a bombing March 3 in a Shiite area.

Another officer was killed in February in a small Shiite village by a bomb attack during protests that marked the third anniversary of the pro-democracy protests.

Bahrain is small but very strategic and is home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

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