Hezbollah Admits to Sending Syria Their Fighters

Hezbollah the militant Lebanese group finally had too many casualties to explain and had to come clean. The leader of the group finally admitted that they were sending fighters to help the Syrian government in their battle against the rebels.

It has been an open, but not discussed secret that the ally of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was sending fighters to him to help in the ongoing civil war.

Funerals were even held by Hezbollah for their martyrs who were killed in combat, even though the group would never admit how those fighters had died.

However, as the death toll mounted over the last few weeks, especially during an attempted siege of Qusayr, a strategic city, the leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah finally admitted to sending his fighters into Syria.

The announcement made by Nasrallah reignited fears that the conflict in Syria would spill over into Lebanon. The two countries share sectarian divisions.

The official confirmation also came as a blow to the rebels in Syria, as they all ready are outgunned by the regime’s military.

A number of the fighters from the Hezbollah in Syria took part in the war in 2006 with Israel or were elite commandos that were once trained in Iran. The substantial losses they have suffered have been a major operational blow for the group. The fighting recently has also been a psychological hurt to Hezbollah undercutting the Hezbollah’s so-called mystical prowess, which is a key to their recruitment and deterrence.

Hezbollah became known as a guerrilla force that fought back Israel forces and looks uncomfortable as a foreign aggressor. It has fallen victim to insurgent tactics it had perfected in Lebanon and has had its weaknesses exposed.

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