Hezbollah Tells Hamas to leave Lebanon

A report says that Hezbollah has handed Hamas an eviction order because the group is supporting the opposition forces in Syria, while Hezbollah is allied with Bashar al-Assad the president of Syria. The report has been denied by Hamas leaders.

The eviction notice by the Shiite group orders the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas to leave immediately.

Both Syria and Hezbollah received military and financial support from Iran, an ally.

Ali Baraka, a Lebanon based representative for Hamas, denied the news report to Aliwaa a paper in Lebanon, saying that officials in the Hezbollah in Lebanon were surprised by the news.

Abu Imad Rifai, a representative of the Lebanese Islamic Jihad also said that Hamas was in Lebanon and no one had made any changes.

Hamas says they do not support the rebels in Syria, but an April report from a newspaper in London said that a military unit from Hamas had broken its ties to Assad and had started to train members of the rebel group Free Syrian Army outside of Damascus.

Both the opposition forces in Syria and Hamas are Sunni Muslim groups, while Iran and Hezbollah are both Shiite.

Nevertheless, Hamas had enjoyed a long Syrian patronage, with Khaled Mashaal its leader using Damascus as a base. However, in 2012, Mashaal relocated to neighboring Qatar, citing the conflict that was ongoing in Syria as the reason.

However, an Arabic newspaper based in London said that Mashaal’s move took place because of the support Hamas was giving the opposition. Reports during that time also said that all of the senior operatives of Hamas located in Syria had quietly left and relocated to other Arab countries including Jordan and Egypt.

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