Hezbollah Upset over blacklisting of Military Arm

The European Union’s decision to blacklist the military arm of Hezbollah drew fire from the Lebanon based organization. The EU listed it as a terrorist organization, but Hezbollah called the decision both imbalanced and aggressive.

The group is Lebanese Shiite and backed by Iran, and already is viewed by Israel and the U.S. as a terrorist group. Over the last few months, the group has joined with the military forces of Syrian President al-Assad to fight the rebels in the civil war within that country.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah released a statement that said the decision by the EU on Monday was written by the hands of Americans using ink from Israel and all that remained for the Europeans was just to sign the final document and approve of the legislation.

Najib Mikati, the Prime Minister of Lebanon said he hoped the EU had read the facts and data about Hezbollah thoroughly prior to their decision. There was no mention of what data about the group the Lebanese Prime Minister was making reference to.

The EU said it was only targeting the military component. Critics of that kind of approach, say just designating part of an entity is not practical or effective.

However, Tzipi Livni the Justice Minister in Israel said through a spokesperson that the EU’s decision was just and correct and that it ended the incorrect argument that military activities by Hezbollah are absolved by the political status of the group.

The justice minister’s spokesperson said even if the group is a political party, it does not make legitimate the terrorist activities they partake in.

John Kerry the Secretary of State in the U.S. said the EU decision would have significant impact on the ability of Hezbollah to operate openly and freely within Europe, by allowing law enforcement in Europe to crack down on the group’s fundraising, terrorist plotting and logistical activities.

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