Homs: Six Hundred Civilians Evacuated on Sunday

The governor of Homs has said that mass evacuations of the old city’s civilian population are ongoing. Most of those evacuated and currently being evacuated are women, older men and children.

All will be given proper medical care and treatment and the process of evacuating as many as possible will proceed for another 72 hours.

At the same time, on Sunday five dozen food parcels had been delivered to the civilians inside the city by the United Nation vehicles. This came just 24 hours after busloads of aid were shot at when attempting to enter the area.

Evacuating and delivering aid to civilians for the old city is part of the agreement reached between the UN and the Syrian government under which a cease-fire between troops loyal to the regime and opposition rebels started last Friday.

Nevertheless, the truce was reported to be broken by the rebels inside the old city. They are alleged to have fired on aid convoys and civilians, reported state media.

State media has said that divisions amongst the different rebel groups are the cause of violence, while activist organizations accused the troops of the government of firing mortars to stop the delivery of aid.

It is thought that nearly 2,500 people have been trapped inside the old city, which is held by rebels. Part of that had been under control of government troops since sometime in June of 2012.

In related matters, rebels in Syria are reported to have killed 10 women in Hama, a central province of Syria on Sunday. That report was made by SANA the official news agency for the country.

Terrorist groups are said to have committed the killings in Ma’an a town in Hama’s northern countryside, reported SANA. The report added that rebels had attacked a town and included in the attack were acts of property destruction, arson and murder.

At the same time, peace talks were scheduled to restart on Monday in
Geneva in an attempt to stop the nearly 3-year civil war.

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