Hostage in Video Claims Kobani in Control of Islamic State

A new video was released by the Islamic State that appears as if it were recorded a week ago. In the video appears John Cantlie a British hostage who is shown in Kobani a Syria city on the border with Turkey.

In the video that is over five minutes in length, Cantlie argues that unlike media accounts from the West over the past few days, Kobani is for the most part under Islamic State control.

He says that fighters from the radical militant group are cleaning up and that the battle for control has ended.

Kurdish forces inside Syria have told Western news agencies that the battle is far from being over and that Kurdish forces from Iraq will soon be helping them

A battle has raged between IS militants and Kurdish forces for control of the key city on the border with Turkey from over a month.

This past Sunday, a human rights group said over 800 people have died in the battle for the city.

Islamic State posted the video of Cantlie on Monday. He has been a hostage for close to two years.

The photojournalist from Britain also wrote a number of articles for British newspaper. He was kidnapped in November of 2012 along with James Foley an American journalist.

In a video Cantlie appeared in last month he made it clear he had been forced to share the video’s message from the Islamic State.

The video is made to appear as if Cantlie is relaxed and acting like a correspondent from a television station in any foreign city. However, observers of the video can see he is under duress.

A former counterterrorism official with the CIA, Philip Mudd, called the video a propaganda play

The video included many images of a city that is heavily damaged that likely was filmed by an IS drone.

The comments made by Cantlie make it appear as if the video was about a week old. He describes weapons from an airdrop by the U.S. that he claimed somehow got into the hands of the IS.

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