Huge Bombing in Market Kills 130 in Eastern Iraq

Authorities said the massive bomb attack in a busy marketplace has claimed the lives of at least 130. This marked the worst single attack by the Islamic State on civilian targets in Iraq.

A spokesperson for the provincial council of Diyala announced that as well as the many killed there were another 20 people still missing following the attack, in which a suicide bomber drove his truck that was filled with explosives into a market late Friday.

The market in the town that is predominantly Shiite is 20 miles to the northeast of the capital of Baghdad and was full of families making their preparations for Eid al-Fitr the Muslim festival when the blast ripped through the area with a devastating impact that collapsed a number of buildings. Bodies could be seen littered around the blast area as fires spread.

The militant group Islamic State has carried out a number of bombings on civilians seeking to destabilize the country to expand their own territory.

However, the blast late Friday was the largest in Iraq since ISIS last year.

Haider al-Abadi the Prime Minister of Iraq described the bombing as heinous and that it would not go unpunished.

On police officer near the bombing said, he could feel the ground shaking. Most of the marketplace had been wiped out with the explosion, with hundreds of vehicle ablaze and bodies and human limbs scattered everywhere.

Officials said emergency services had been overwhelmed and residents had to transport many of the wounded shoppers.

One official said that a number of the wounded died in route to the hospital because it took too long for them to be transported.

In Iraq, Friday for Shiite Muslims was the eve of their Eid festival which is the way the mark the end of Ramadan their holy month. For the Sunni Muslims in the country, it fell just a day earlier.

Islamic State said the bombing was carried out with three tons of explosives

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