Humanitarian Needs Might not be covered by $4.4 Billion

The amount of refugees from the Syrian conflict are growing at rates faster than first anticipated which has prompted great concern over the crisis becoming much greater than first thought.

The United Nations launched its largest emergency appeal in the history of the organization, when it requested $4.4 billion to handle the humanitarian crisis that is deteriorating quickly in Syria.

However, with the numbers of refugees growing faster than first estimated, fears exists that the money will not be enough.

The crisis in Syria is the world’s fastest growing. Over 80,000 people have lost their lives during the near three year conflict, which has targeted schools, hospitals and sanitation and water infrastructure.

The humanitarian problem has escalated at a rapid pace since the beginning of the year. In April of 2012 there were about 1 million people needing aid that figure currently stands at over 6.8 million.

That includes over 4.25 million Syrians internally displace and over 1.6 million who are refugees that are concentrated in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. By year end, the total people in need will reach 10 million said UN officials.

Not enough funding has become a serious problem. In one camp in Jordan, two schools have more than 10,000 students attending. However, nearly 30,000 school age children live at the camp. Another school is under construction but only has room for 5,000 students and no money exists to maintain it including no money for furniture or salaries for teachers.

The humanitarian problem in Hasiya has been described by UN members as dire, with families taking shelter in schools, in unfinished buildings and tents. Many of the children there are suffering from high fever, skin diseases, ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory infections because of poor hygiene and sanitation.

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