Hundreds of Thousands Protest against Morsi

Protesters called for President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt to resign across the country, as hundreds of thousands took to the streets.

Opponents of Morsi say he has not tackled the security and economic problems in the country.

Thousands of people slept overnight in Tahrir Square in Cairo, which was the focus point of the protests that took former leader Hosni Mubarak down three years ago.

Today’s protests come on Morsi’s first anniversary as the first Islamist president in Egypt. Critics of Morsi have said he put the Islamist agenda of his Muslim Brotherhood ahead of the wider interests of the country.

In the capital of Cairo, protesters against Morsi were chanting that Morsi should leave the presidency.

In Egypt’s second largest city of Alexandria, protesters were gathering early Sunday morning in one of the city’s main squares, al-Qaid Ibrahim

The rallies, at the square and in other places of Alexandria, are expected leave later and move to Sidi Gaber, the city’s center.

In Port Said, along the Suez Canal, in the northeastern region of Egypt, there is expected to be similar rallies. There are also rallies scheduled for Sharqiya, Monofia and Suez.

Some supporters of Morsi are conducting their own rallies but they are of much less size. This day has been talked about by Egyptians for months, as the opposition vowed to not leave until President Morsi resigns and calls for early elections for a new president.

However, his supporters say that Morsi was elected and should remain for his full term.

Opposition activists calculated that over 22 million people signed the petition seeking early elections. They have urged those who signed to protest in Tahrir Square.

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