Increasing the Price of Paper Causes Closure of Local Magazines

Increasing the Price of Paper Causes Closure of Local Magazines

The price of paper has been increased dramatically in Iran and made many troubles for publishers and especially magazines and daily newspapers.

Younes Ranjkesh, journalist and economist, believes this may cause the closure of papers and magazines especially local ones as they have doubled up their prices. “From first of Mehr, the price of local magazines has been increased in Gilan province. This decision is taken mainly because of the uncontrollable cost of paper and printing. The manager of nine local news papers and magazines in Gilan approved this decision in order to offset a few parts of their costs.”

Ranjkesh says increasing the price of newspapers and magazines disturbs the young readers and the number of buyers will definitely diminished as a result of this decision. “There is not any other option left for publishers.” Younes Ranjkesh said.

Iranian government dedicates special subsidies to press and newspapers but this amount of subsidies don’t work for local publishers. Local news papers and magazines act pivotal role in media space while they are vulnerable against high costs of publishing and printing.

“Currently there are more than 134 certified local newspapers in Gilan province and more than 70% of them are run by private sector. If the conditions continue we may see the closure of these papers in soon future and many people will lose their jobs.” Younes Ranjkesh added.

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