Interior Minister in Egypt Survives Attack

The interior minister in Egypt has survived a Thursday morning assassination attempt when his convoy was targeted by two explosions while en route to his office, reported the Interior Ministry and state media.

Mohamed Ibrahim was not injured in the attack, but one of his drivers and several innocent bystanders were, said a security official from the ministry.

The ministry official said the exact number of people injured is still unknown, but the minister was okay.

Authorities were not sure if the devices were set off as the convoy passed or if it had been a car bomb. At the time of the explosion, the minister’s convoy had been in the Nasr city district.

One news agency run by the state reported a bomb had been thrown towards the convoy from a building that was nearby.

The attack was condemned in a statement released from the Cabinet of Hazim Beblawi the new Prime Minister.

The attack comes as Egypt is just starting to return to some sort of normality following weeks of crackdowns on those who support Mohamed Morsi the deposed president. Street protests by people against the interim government that is backed by the military have prevented the city to return to a normal pace of life until late last week.

Many protesters have targeted their anger and frustration towards Ibrahim. Many have called on the president to sack the minister.

Today’s attack in Egypt could mark the beginning of what some fear as the start of low-grade insurgency that produced many terror attacks during the 1990s and 2000s. In those attacks, hundreds in Egypt were killed along with some foreign tourists.

As demonstrations in the streets continue to shrink in size, amidst tighter security by the military, the crackdowns continue on dissent. Concern exists that some of the opposition might fight back with more violence against the government.

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