Iran and Syria Condemn Airstrikes by Israel

The Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers condemned airstrikes by Israel on Monday. The airstrikes were in two areas close to Damascus. The ministers called the airstrikes acts of aggression that proved Israel is in the same trench with the groups of extremists fighting against the government of Syria.

Warplanes from Israel bombed both areas on Sunday, striking near the international airport in Damascus and outside a town near the border of Lebanon.

The government of Syria said the two attacks caused some material damage. The strikes were not confirmed by Israel and it was not clear what they had targeted, although activities have said they hit two weapons depots.

On Monday, on Israel Radio, Yuval Steinitz the Intelligence Minister would not confirm or deny the airstrikes, but offered a slight hint about who could have been involved.

He said that Israel has a potent defense policy oriented toward the safeguarding of our country and anywhere possible the prevention of upgrading or weaponry that gives organizations involved in terrorism game changers or sophisticated means of attack.

Since the conflict in Syria began in March of 2011, Israel had participated in a number of airstrikes inside Syria that targeted weapons systems including anti-aircraft missiles from Russia and missiles made in Iran.

Walid al-Moallem the Foreign Minister of Syria claimed Israel is trying to make up for losses that extremists groups, which are Islamic have incurred inside Syria by the Syrian army.

On Monday, he spoke at a news conference with his counterpart for Iran in Tehran.

He said that Syria as well as its allies Iran and Russia is working on a solution politically for Syria based upon dialogue between the Syrians, but without outside intervention.

Mikhail Bogdano the deputy foreign minister of Russia was in Lebanon during last week. He said his country was trying to set up a meeting between the warring sides in Syria without any preconditions.

He flew from that meeting in Lebanon to Turkey for a meeting with Hadi Bahra the head of the opposition group from Syria that is backed by the West.

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