Iran and Syria Slam Strategy of U.S. to Fight Militants

Officials in Iran and Syria criticized the White House Thursday for not including them in a coalition of the international community that has joined together to battle the Islamic State militant group.

A daily that was run by the state in Syria warned that airstrikes, which are unauthorized on territory in Syria, might trigger the start of fire within the region.

The main opposition group in Syria that is backed by the West welcomed the authorization by President Obama for airstrikes by the U.S. targeting the extremists for the first time inside Syria.

The group said it is ready and willing to be a partner with the coalition of international countries trying to defeat the group of militants.

However, the Syrian National Coalition said airstrikes needed to be put together with a strategy that ultimately topples President Bashar al-Assad.

Kurdish politicians located in Iraq praised the announcement by Obama for more airstrikes.

Earlier in the summer, the U.S. started launching airstrikes on a limited basis against targets held by the Islamic State in Iraq, after a request from Nouri el-Maliki the former Prime Minister of Iraq.

The airstrikes were effective and helped troops on the ground retake some land that had been lost earlier to the group of militants.

The extremists who are Sunni have taken control of close a third of Syria and Iraq this summer, declaring a caliphate in some areas they control where they then apply strict interpretations of Islamic law.

Obama announced at an address during primetime on Wednesday that he had authorized the airstrikes within Syria along with expanded ones in Iraq.

He again urged the U.S. Congress to authorize a program that would arm and train rebels in Syria who battle both the Syrian government and the Islamic State.

There was no mention by Obama in his address when the U.S. forces would start striking targets within Syria.

Walid al-Moallem the Foreign Minister of Syria last month had warned the U.S. about carrying out its airstrikes within Syria territory without the consent of Damascus, saying any type of attack would be considered aggression.

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