Iran Launched ‘Parsijoo’ Search Engine

Iran Launched 'Parsijoo' Search Engine

Iran has laucnhed a new search engine named ‘Parsijoo’ to get over Google’s monopoly in the country. According to Alexa ranking system, Google is the most popular search engine and ranked as the most visited website in Iran.

Research Institute for Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has fully supported this new project. Parsijoo is currently covering 120 million Persian web pages and serving 20,000 users daily. The main website of Parsijoo is hosted on local datacenters and ICT wants to expand its infrastructures and facilities in order to cover more pages and serving more users.

Parsijoo is in pilot phase and it will be inaugurated officially on the next Persian year. The website will provide more services including translation, news, multilingual searches, maps and etc. Of course starting the mentioned services and options needs more investing from government but its details is not yet disclosed.

Iranian government is trying to make the local web sphere ‘pure’ from foreign services. The government had blocked Gmail and other Google services to show its objection against Google’s policies about anti-Islam movie published via YouTube.

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